Airport Information

Airport Information

Did You Know…

  • Only 550 U.S. airports are served by airlines, and this total is shrinking (NBAA) Only 350 cities have even the most basic of scheduled air service (General Aviation Manufacturers Association "GAMA")
  • A large majority of business aircraft flights (80%) are made into secondary airports or airports with infrequent or no scheduled airline service. (Harris Interactive for GAMA, NBAA)
  • The operation and maintenance of general aviation aircraft contributes $88 billion to the economy (GAMA)
  • General aviation provides rapid, on-demand transportation by utilizing a network of more than 5,000 smaller, public-use U.S. general aviation airports, bringing travelers closer to their destination than large hub airports used by the big airlines (NBAA)
  • Small companies operate the majority of business aircraft (Harris Interactive for GAMA, NBAA)
  • Only 22% of passengers on business aircraft are top management; the majority are other managers (50%) and or technical, sales or service staff (20%) (Harris Interactive for GAMA, NBAA)
  • The average economic activity generated by an intermediate airport in Minnesota is $1.7million (Willbur Smith and Associates for MN AirTAP)
  • The City of Worthington has positioned itself to offer an effective portal for business, leisure and economic potential.


The Worthington Airport was built to handle air traffic ranging from general aviation to commuter airlines. Thus, its runways, hangars, passenger terminal and systems easily accommodate business jets and corporate travelers, as well as medical emergency flights and general aviation enthusiasts.


There are two asphalt runways, both in excellent condition. The airport is equipped with an ILS (Instrument Landing System), which enables operation and landing of aircraft during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), such as low ceilings or reduced visibility due to fog, rain, or blowing snow. This system is utilized by

  • Runway 11-29 is 5506' x 100'
  • Runway 29 is equipped for ILS, NDB or GPS approach
  • Runway 11 is equipped for VOR or GPS approach
  • Runway 17-35 is 4200' x 75'
  • Both 17 and 35 are equipped for VOR or GPS approach
  • Runway 17-35 and its taxi-ways were completely reconstructed in 2009/2010, and Runway 11-29 with its taxiways has also been completely reconstructed and was resealed in 2010.

Federal and State grant assistance is available for such projects, and the City of Worthington is proactive in securing these funds to keep its infrastructure competitive. Since 1998 the Worthington Airport has received $11 million in federal funding. The current funding for major projects is 95 percent federal, leaving 5 percent for payment locally. MnDOT has participated at 70/30 for minor improvements, such as a new access road and water and sewer, and the state provides 60% of funding for maintenance equipment. The City annually submits to the state five-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The state then works with the federal government to program projects to be funded. The next project to be submitted is the building of additional T-hangars, as the current hangars are full.


The 14,000 sq. ft. maintenance facility is used for aircraft maintenance and repair as well as offering ample space to hangar transient aircraft. This facility serves everything from small aircraft trainers to King Airs to corporate jets. A new 7200 sq. ft. corporate hangar was built in 2008, with space leased out for local corporate aircraft. There are 20 T-hangars leased for individual aircraft, with plans to build more when funding is available. Six of these hangars can accommodate light twin-engine aircraft. For leasing information, please contact the Airport Manager at (507) 372-8652, or the FBO at (507) 360-3731.


Municipal Airport Terminal Interior

The terminal is modern, well-appointed, professional and hard-working. Recently updated and accessible 24/7, the terminal provides pilots, crew and passengers with a comfortable main lounge, pub seating, full kitchen, large restrooms, pilot's lounge, weather and flight planning center, conference room, business offices., refreshments, cable tv and wi-fi.


100LL and JETA aviation fuels are available 24-hours with the credit card automated fueling system. All major credit cards are accepted.


Please contact the FBO to make arrangements. For travel outside of town, or over several days, rental cars can be arranged by contacting Scholtes Motors at (507) 376-3136. Transportation services are also provided by Worthington Taxi—to make arrangements, please call (507) 372-4300.

For transportation to meetings or for shopping, lodging, meals, etc., a courtesy car is available.