Construction Project AD For Bids Quantities Plan Holders List BID TAB
2016 Bituminous Overlays Awarded 6/27/16 File
North McMillan Street Water Main Reconstruction Awarded 4/18/16 File
2016 Storm Sewer Improvements Awarded 4/25/16 File
2016 Concrete Pavement Restoration Awarded 5/24/16 File
2016 Knollwood Drive/1ST Avenue SW Sanitary Sewer Extension Awarded 5/23/16 File
2016 Concrete Pavement Improvements Awarded 5/23/16 File
Taxiway C Crack Repair & Seal Coat Awarded 6/13/16 File
Bioscience Drive Sewer and Water Awarded 7/11/16 File
2016 Beltline and Parker Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Reconstructions Awarded 8/22/16 File
Buss Field Soccer Improvements Awarded 8/22/16 File