Residential Appearance Concerns

Residential Appearance Concerns

Last summer the City received a petition signed by numerous residential property owners requesting the City to strengthen its control over the appearance of residential property.  In response, the staff and citizens worked together and developed a multi-faceted approach toward exerting some control over properties within the city limits.  Ordinances were drafted to:

  • License landlords and rigorously inspect rental property
  • Strengthen the nuisance code
  • Strengthen the City's ability to deal quickly and effectively with abandoned motor vehicles
  • Restrict the parking of motor vehicles on residential and commercial property
  • Strengthen the City's animal control ordinance

Since then, the ordinance regarding abandoned motor vehicles passed last summer.  The ordinance licensing landlords and setting rigorous inspections was discussed and set aside in favor of strengthening the nuisance code and tightening restrictions regarding parking motor vehicles on residential property.

The City Council has now completed work on these ordinances. You can access these ordinances by clicking on the links to the right.  Enforcement will begin as soon as they are published and the time required by state law has passed. If you have any questions about the new requirements please contact us at 372-8650 or 372-8600.

The public may contact the City Council members with your thoughts and suggestions.