Water issues can be challenging to deal with. Too much water, not enough water, I'm getting everybody else's water, I'm not polluting, you're polluting, it's the farmers, it's the cities, it's the lakeshore owners…!!!

We all realize the importance of clean water. There have been great efforts to make improvements over the past years and we would like to share a few more ideas of little things we can do on a regular basis to improve our water's quality. The fast, hard rain events are the ones we need to plan for, and YOU can help!

For instance, did you know that the storm water leaving Worthington flows to four different lakes? Find your neighborhood on the map below. Which lake is getting the water that's running off your yard?

Stormwater drainage map for Worthington, MN

Which Watershed do I contact?

If you need to contact your watershed district to obtain a permit or have questions or concerns about drainage or any other stormwater-related inquiries, you need to know whom to contact. Please click the link below to view a map that will outline what watershed district your neighborhood belongs to.

Watershed district contacts


Type of Concern Who To Contact
Construction Site Violation
Erosion Problems
Illegal Dumping Worthington Police Department
(507) 295-5400
Illicit Discharge Worthington Police Department
(507) 295-5400

Stormwater Education