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Honorary City Council Program

Honorary City Council Program

Honorary City Council Program

Summary of Program

The Honorary Council Member shall serve for three months and act in the following capacity:

  • Attend regular City Council meetings and participate in discussion. Not allowed to make motions or vote.
  • Attend as able, various advisory board and commission meetings.
  • Attend a staff briefing and tour facilities.
  • Receive all correspondence that is directed to the City Council, including staff reports and League of Minnesota Cities publications.
  • No monetary compensation.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and a resident voter of the city for at least thirty days prior to the appointment.

How to Apply

Printable Applicatoin

Download our application and submit it by mail, fax or in person. To download, click the link below.


Honorary City Council Membership Application Download


Please submit your completed application using one of the following methods:

By Mail:

City of Worthington
303 Ninth Street
PO Box 279
Worthington, MN 56187-0279

By Fax:

(507) 372-8630

In Person:

Office hours are Monday–Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm

Online Application

Below is the Honorary City Council Membership Application for the City of Worthington. Please fill in all fields with the requested information. When complete, click Submit Application at the bottom of the form. Note: all fields marked with * are required.

Please enter your full name.

Please select the date on which you are applying.

Home Address

Please enter your street address (eg. 123 First Street).

(Apt/Suite, P.O. Box, ect.)

Please enter your Apt/Suite number, P.O. Box or other information, if applicable.

Please enter the city in which you reside.

Please select the state in which you reside.

Please enter the zip code for your residence.

Please indicate how long you have resided in the City of Worthington, MN.

Please explain why you would like to serve as an Honorary Council Member.

Please list any months or periods of time you would be unable to serve as an Honorary Council Member.

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