Community Development

Community Development

Community/Economic Development

The Community/Economic Development Department is responsible for planning and managing Worthington's physical growth and expansion through the administration and enforcement of the City's Comprehensive Plan and other applicable regulations. The Department includes the following functions (click the functions for additional information):

Building Inspections

The Building Inspections Division is responsible for the application and enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code and related ordinances regulating construction, alterations, and the use of buildings within the City.


This Division is responsible for the administration of the City's long range plans for future growth in the City through the enforcement of the City's Zoning, Subdivision, Sign, and related Ordinances to assure compliance with the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Division is responsible for the administration of the economic development activities for the City of Worthington.

Rental Housing Ordinance

In 2007, the City adopted a Rental Housing Ordinance. The purpose of the Ordinance is to assure that all rental housing units in the City are decent, safe, and sanitary. The Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of this Ordinance.

Documents & Forms

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303 Ninth Street
Worthington, MN 56187
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday


Brent Jacobsen
Building Official
(507) 372-8640
Matt Selof
Community Development/City Planner
(507) 372-8640
Meredith Vaselaar, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Admin. Secretary - Engineering & Community Development
(507) 372-8640