Rental Housing

Rental Housing

In an effort to ensure safe and healthy housing, the City of Worthington has adopted minimum standards and regulations for all rental housing units within the City. 


- 2024 Registration is due by February 10th, 2024.

- Inspections can be scheduled by calling 507-372-8649 or by email: Some units may not require            inspections in 2024. If this is the case you would have been informed of that after your last inspection. Please contact the City withany    questions.

Violations of Worthington's Rental Housing Ordinance may result in fines or additional legal action.


- You, as the tenant or occupant of rental unit, have the responsibility to ensure you maintain the unit in a clean and sanitary condition. This includes things such as: cleaning up garbage, sweeping, mopping, keeping all food stored and sealed properly, and maintaina clean environment throught the unit.

- Overcrowding is dangerous! Make sure there is sufficient room for each occupant in a unit and that each has adequate sleeping space. In the links below click on Rental Housing Ordinance or Rental Housing Inspection Brochure for exact square footage required per person.

- Sleeping in a room with no window or emergency exit is very dangerous. Make sure you are not using any room as a bedroom if there is no emergency exit.

- The City is not responsible for mediating disputes regarding rent payments or changes to the tenants' lease. For more information regarding your rights when it comes to paying rent, signing leases etc.. this website from the State Attorney General contains lots of helpful information:

- If you or someone you know is living in a unit that is unsafe, in disrepair, or has any other issue of concern you may contact the Community Development Department to submit a complaint. City Staff will follow up on all complaints and ensure that any violations of the City's Rental Housing Ordinance are taken care of. Complaints may be kept anonymous.

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