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K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

K-9 Red, our newest K-9 came to us in 2023.  His handler, Sergeant Riley spent 13 weeks training with Red before graduating from Code Blue K9 LLC school.



K-9 Winston

K-9 Winston is a 6 year old yellow lab who was born in North Dakota. Winston is a narcotics detection dog who was trained in Iowa. Winston became a member of the WPD at 10 months old in 2017.  Winston’s handler, Detective Walker, has worked with him throughout his career at WPD and together they provide narcotic sniffs for the police department, area businesses and schools, and other departments in the area who need a K-9 sniff performed for them. Winston’s favorite toy is his ball and he loves giving licks to anyone he meets.




K-9 Patrol Car

K-9 Squad Car

The patrol car used by the K-9 Unit is standard police car modified for transporting our dogs. Most noticeably, it has a platform in the rear seat specifically designed for the dog, and electric doors that may be opened remotely by the handler. The handler often has to leave his dog in the car while attending to other business and will leave the car running with the air conditioner or heater on. The car will activate the lights and siren if the temperature gets too hot inside the car.