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Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

Safe and Sober Program

Minnesota Safe & Sober logo

Safe & Sober Minnesota is a logo, a theme, and a set of projects relating to enhanced enforcement and publicity of the enforcement effort.

The program includes:

  • Periodic, intensified enforcement efforts consisting of saturation patrol or other enforcements.
  • Media materials that tell the public when, where, how and most importantly, why such laws are being enforced.
  • Local impact and activity data such as crashes, injuries, belt use rates, and citations are gathered to provide important feedback to the public.

The Worthington Police Department has been involved in this program from 1999 to the present, and is a three-time winner of Safe & Sober grants. These grants have provided additional money for traffic enforcement equipment, and scheduled overtime for our officers who participate in the Safe & Sober "Waves". The Safe & Sober "Waves" are set times and dates that provide added enforcement for such things as DWI and seat belt enforcement.

Our goal at the Worthington Police Department is not to produce large statistics, but to convince people to change their behavior and attitudes regarding impaired and unsafe driving. We plan to increase the number of overtime saturations next year, while supporting on-duty staff with traffic enforcement.